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I offer strategic HR partnership and coaching to organizations in their mission to develop inclusive organizational cultures and improve business outcomes.   This comes from my passion of helping leaders improve awareness and impact and my 25 years of experience in human resources and strong business acumen. 

I integrate coaching and HR partnership to senior business leaders and teams as they navigate growth and change to achieve personal goals and professional results. 

My personal style is energetic, warm, and generous. I am equally enthusiastic and fun because the business of 'people' is hard work but can be tremendously rewarding.     I thrive on diagnosing patterns, offering perspective, and seeing possibilities together with leaders as they examine and enhance their impact through courage, purpose, and compassion.  Let's create and celebrate this success together.

Alysia A. Bullock
Founder/ CEO, Incite-HR

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At Incite-HR,  I believe that the most impactful leaders and team have a deep understanding of their values and style preferences along with a grounded sense of personal 'why' that they anchor into during the toughest times.
I believe that understanding your preferred style improves awareness of how you show up and how you can connect with others.  
I believe that leadership vulnerability can nurture trust and inclusion which in turn increases creativity, innovation, and engagement. 
I believe in the power of working with and through others to achieve success and that empowerment comes from encouragement and appreciation. 

Lastly, I believe that courage is simply working through discomfort and fear of the unknown.  Blending courage with compassion is the greatest gift a leader can give to themselves and others. 
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